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Youth Wrestling

Colorado Youth Athletics Foundation

So Every Child Can Play



The Colorado Youth Athletics Foundation, is a non-profit 501c3 organization

on a mission is to provide scholarships to underprivileged and severely financially challenged families, so their kids can participate in youth sports or get swim lessons anywhere in the State of Colorado.

When a child cannot participate in youth sports or doesn't have the means to learn how to swim, 

the child is being neglected the ability to build life skills and be safe in the water.

Please don't let kids miss out!  Support the cause!


The Colorado Youth Athletics Foundation was founded by Eric Stefanski, a professional coach and sport psychology professional for over 20 years.  After coaching for so long, he's learned first hand how much families pay for youth sports & swim lessons.  He's seen first hand how many families are struggling financially due to societal changes and COVID.  He's worked with thousands of kids nation wide wide who've developed incredible life skills and life improvements as a result of participating in youth sports and from learning to swim.

Our mission is to provide scholarships to families in financial need, so their kids can participate in youth sports and/or participate in swim lessons.

Current Focal Points

Marshall Fire Families

Families on Free School Lunch Programs

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